Brit Asia Music Awards

BAMA Sponsored by Limo Broker

BAMA Sponsored by Limo Broker

Brit Asia Music Awards – Sponsored by Limo Broker.

The 2010 Brit Asia Music Awards will take place on 2nd May 2010, during the Bank Holiday weekend and is set to feature some of the biggest names in bhangra and British Asian music as well as featuring popular UK urban influences. 

The Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2010 are ready to entertain you for a spectacular night to remember. We believe our award show will change the face of UK music, inspire more young people to do something creative, and make it easier for real British Asian talent to make it in the industry. 

Nominations for the upcoming Brit Asia Music Awards were announced at a media gathering for stars and press at the G Casino (Ricoh Arena) in Coventry, West Midlands. 

The nominees are as follows; 

Best Newcomer:

  • Kaz Kumar (KUMAR)
  • Jaz Dhami (DHAMI)
  • JK (JK)
  • Mumzy (MUMZY)
  • Jaswinder Daghamia (DAGHAMIA)
  • Roach Killa (KILLA)

Best Album:

  • Imran Khan – Unforgettable (IMRAN)
  • Jaz Dhami – JD (JD)
  • Jay Sean – All or Nothing (JAY)
  • Surjit Khan – Headliner (SURJIT)
  • Sukshinda Shinda – Collaborations2 (SHINDA)
  • PBN – Homegrown (PBN)

Best Asian Act:

  • Shizzio (SHIZZIO)
  • Jay Sean (JAY)
  • Sef (SEF)
  • Mumzy (MUMZY)
  • Ag dolla (DOLLA)
  • Roach Killa (KILLA)

Best International:

  • Rahat Fateh Khan (RAHAT)
  • Miss Pooja (POOJA)
  • Manohan Waris (WARIS)
  • Gurdass Mann (GURDAS)
  • Babbu Mann (BABBU)
  • Hadiqa Kiani (HADIQA)

Best Single:

  • Imran khan –Amplifier (IMRAN)
  • Jaz Dhami – Theke Wali (DHAMI)
  • JK – Pat Liya (JK)
  • Sukshinder Shinda – Gum Suhm (SHINDA)
  • Dark MC – Chori Chori (DARK)
  • Jay Sean – Down (JAY)

Best UrbanAct:

  • Jay Sean (JAY):
  • Chipmunk (CHIPMUNK)
  • Tinchy Stryder (TINCHY)
  • Dizzee Rascal (RASCAL)
  • Sway (SWAY)
  • Bashy (BASHY)

Best Producer:

  • Rishi Rich (RICH)
  • Aman Hayer (HAYER)
  • Eren E (EREN)
  • Sukshinder Shinda (SHINDA)
  • Tru Skool (TRU)
  • PBN (PBN)

Best Alternative:

  • Talvin Singh (TALVIN)
  • Sukh Knight (KNIGHT)
  • Niraj Chag (NIRAJ)
  • Shiva Soundsystem (SHIVA)
  • Asian Dub Foundation (DUB)
  • Fusing Naked Beats (FUSING)

Best Male:

  • Imran Khan (IMRAN)
  • Jaz Dhami (DHAMI)
  • Jay Sean (JAY)
  • Sukshinder Shinda (SHINDA)
  • Malkit Singh (MALKIT)
  • Angrej Ali (ANGREJ ALI)

Best Video:

  • Dark MC – Chori Chori (DARK)
  • Jay Sean – Down (JAY)
  • Taje – B.I.G (TAJE
  • Shinda – Gum Suhm (SHINDA)
  • Des-C – Jiska Hasna (JISKA)
  • Amplifier – Imran Khan (IMRAN)

Best DJ:

  • Dj H (DJH)
  • DJ Vix (VIX)
  • Jags Klimax (KLIMAX)
  • Panjabi MC (PMC)
  • DJ Gurps (GURPS)
  • DJ Kayper (KAYPER)

Best Female:

  • Miss Pooja (POOJA)
  • Hadiqa Kiani (HADIQA)
  • Hard Kaur (HARD)
  • Kaz Kumar (KUMAR)
  • Karen David (KAREN)
  • Amar (AMAR)

Best Band:

  • DCS (DCS)
  • Sukshinder Shinda & Band (SHINDA)
  • Alaap (ALAAP)
  • En Karma (KARMA)
  • Jazzy B and Band (JAZZY)
  • Malkit Singh & Band (MALKIT)
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