Saif Ali Khan claims restaurant brawl was self defence

Bollywood movie star, Saif Ali Khan, was arrested on Wednesday after a South African businessman pressed charges of assault against him. However the well known actor is claiming he acted in self defence and has issued a counter claim against the other man involved in the fight.

It’s understood that Saif Ali Khan and his girlfriend, fellow Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor, were dining at the Taj Hotel on Tuesday evening. Sources claim the diner on the table next to theirs, businessman Iqbal Sharma, asked the actors to keep the noise down, and an argument erupted from this point.

On Wednesday evening, actor Saif was arrested by police after Mr Sharma pressed charges against the star for allegedly breaking his nose. The actor was bailed the same evening after paying a bail charge of £194.

Speaking today, Saif Ali Khan says Mr Sharma threw the first punch and that he had simply acted in self defence. While the Agent Vinod actor agreed that he could have handled the situation better, he insisted that he took action to defend himself and did not initiate the assault, adding that “justice will be done.”

This is the second time Saif Ali Khan has been accused of assault, the last incident was in 2008 when it was alleged he was involved in a fight with a journalist.

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