Wedding Companies Form Alliance Against Sikh Council

Wedding Companies Form Alliance Against Sikh Council

councilAlthough at Bhangra News we tend to focus on more light-hearted wedding topics sometimes we have to cover stories that are not as high-spirited, giving our readers an insight into what is going on in the world of weddings.

Many of you may be aware of the protests being carried our over the past moths with members of the Sikh council opposing people having a Sikh ceremony if both individuals are not devout followers.

“If somebody really passionately wants to have an Anand Karaj they have to accept that the holy scriptures clearly states only a Sikh can be wedded by the Anand Karaj”, said Gurinder Singh Josan, of the Sikh Council.

Opposing Ideas

Where we understand that the Sikh teachings are sacred we do not agree with the fact that these individuals are actively discriminating, and it seems we are not the only ones with this opinion.

Asian wedding car supplier was the first to make comment on the protests:

Wedding Car Hire logo‘We provide cars for all types of weddings and would never discriminate against anyone of any faith. We think that the Sikh Council should place a lot more focus on the teachings of love and compassion rather than actively protesting and ruining people’s wedding days’.

Sikh wedding invitation company,, also wanted to have their say, commenting that:

Cardeva‘Sikhism is meant to be a religion of respect. I think we should respect everyone’s wishes of how and who they wish to marry, protesting and excluding will only surround Sikhism with negativity’.

The entertainment industry 

With weddings meant to be celebrations members of the entertainment industry have also has their say, unwelcoming these protests to a great extent. Even world renowned DJ Rajeev B has passed comment, saying that:

Rajeev B‘I have noticed a growth in mixed-faith wedding celebration recently. I think it allows people from all traditions and religions to come together and celebrate Asian culture. Whether it’s right or wrong, I cannot comment’.

Let us know what you think, do you agree with the Sikh council or favour the opinions of the UK wedding suppliers? Leave your comments below.

News source: Wedding News.

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