Wedding Competition Will See The First Ever Couple to Marry INSIDE of a Wedding Car!

Wedding Competition Will See The First Ever Couple to Marry INSIDE of a Wedding Car! have launched Britain’s most unusual wedding competition, a chance to have your wedding paid for but get married INSIDE A CAR!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.57.37Wedding Car Hire have never been shy about their love for the Rolls Royce Phantom and have created this competition to scream it from the roof top.

Wedding Car Hire, in an interview with Limo Broker News said:

Booking the wedding car is usually the first thing a couple will do with Rolls Royce Phantoms being very rare during the wedding season. The idea of the competition came from identifying the need for the Rolls Royce Phantom at a wedding. We thought as people love the Phantom so much, why not marry a couple inside of one?’.

Wedding Car Hire are the experts in wedding travel, offering a whole catalogue of vehicles for weddings throughout Britain. They are best known for their immersion within the Asian wedding industry, chauffeuring brides and grooms throughout the entire wedding celebration.

Where wedding cars are usually hired for around three hours for a British wedding the average hire length for Asian weddings is of 12 hours with many destinations to stop off at along the way.


The competition allows anyone to enter, putting their names forth to win a plethora of wedding treats. What is so great about this competition is that it is open to everyone, whatever tradition, religion, ethnicity or gender they may be.

We are all suckers for a soppy love story yet they are definitely over told and can get pretty boring – Boy meets girl, boy proposes, they get married and have children. Wedding Car Hire have somewhat changed this overused narrative. Boy meets girl, they make wedding history getting married inside of their wedding car, go on a free honeymoon paid for by and live happily ever after!

This spectacular wedding is worth a great deal and not just in relation to money. The winners of this prestigious wedding competition will gain great material for their wedding memoirs, being the first ever couple to take their sacred vows inside of a Rolls Royce Phantom. are also picking up the bill for the dress, the food, the bar, the cake, the registrar and the honeymoon, all the winners have to do is turn up.

If you are looking to marry your partner but just cannot afford it, why not enter the Wedd-in-Car competition today; all you need is an email address!

Let us know what you think using #weddincar on Twitter!

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