6 interesting facts about Jazzy B

6 interesting facts about Jazzy B

With a huge fan following worldwide, Jazzy B. is a name that makes the music lovers groove on his tunes. The iconic singer is often dubbed as “Bhangra King”. He has a unique, deep voice with a rustic Punjabi accent that can take the listeners through a journey of Punjab. Add to that, his funky style, spiked hair and French beard, and you have all the reasons to adore him. His love for Gold gives him a royal, affluent look while thick chains accentuate his masculine character.

The elder Punjabi NRI’s would love his country accent while the youngsters are attracted by his iconic presence and funky looks. The young women and girls like his spiked hair paired with an oval beard while elder women appreciate the respect he harbours for his parents. So, by all means, and to every person, Jazzy B. looks like “Apna Banda” (Our own folk!). Let us know about some known and some not-well-known facts about “our folk”:

The seed of music

When Ustad Kuldip Manak came to Durgapur in Punjab, many people came to enjoy his heavenly voice. Among them there was a 4 years old baby boy climbed atop his uncle’s shoulders to watch the performance. Then and there, a seed of music was sown in his heart. When the baby boy went to his home, he possessed a dream of becoming a singer one day. That baby was to-be-Jazzy B.

The first album and a key advice that shaped his fate

Jazzy B.’s first album was released in 1993 with an impressive name “Gugiyan da Jora”. The rhythm was played by Sukhwinder Shinda. In fact, it was Shinda who suggested Jazzy B. to move to the England if he wanted to make a prominent career in Punjabi music. Acting on the on the advice of Sukhwinder Shinda, he then decided to move to England, even at the cost of his college education.

His love for Sports

Bhangra is his Forte but he has a keen interest in sports too. Hockey is one of his most favourite sports. He is a big fan if Wayne Gretzky the former Ice Hockey Player of Canada. He also likes Gordie Howe. While in high school he worked a project on Wayne Gretzky and due to his excellent performance he got 100 on 100!

Trendy Styles

He is known for his trendy hairstyles. He loves to experiment heavily with his hairstyles but each “experiment” is a great success and a rage among youngsters. Even the budding Bhangra singers get inspired by his hairstyle and follow him. It seems that the charming looks of Jazzy B perfectly gels well with any hairstyle. However, he looks best in spiky hair that perfectly complements his oval French beard.

The tryst with destiny and a miracle

In 1997 he had a major throat problem and lost his voice. For one complete year, he could not sing. He prayed to the God and was surprisingly healed. It further fortified his belief in the God and to show his gratitude he released a religious album ‘Singha Di Kaum Bahadur Hai’ in 1999. It is worth mentioning that it is very uncommon for a Bhangra star to release a religious album at the peak of his career. But Jazzy B did it and soon other Bhangra singers followed the suit.

The Love for glittering yellow metal

He is also fond of Gold and wouldn’t mind showing his Gold Love in the public. He can be seen wearing heavy golden chains and extraordinary pendants. He wears a sizeable religious emblem in his neck. He was also keen on wearing another weighty golden chain depicting different stages that Punjabi folk has evolved through. He was yet to finalise the exact design. We are still trying to spot that chain in his neck!

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