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Welcome to our staff and contributor page. Below is a brief profile for each member of staff here at www.bhangra.org. Embarrassing photos for everyone to come later!


Mithun, has been a keen Bhangra dancer since childhood. Born in London, Mithun’s interest in Bhangra started from a very young age when he was introduced to the music by his parents who were originally from the Punjab region of India. Whilst at university Mithun met Tanisha and the pair began to attend a Bhangra group at the university. By the end of his degree Mithun had begun running the Bhangra university group and after university decided to run a public gathering of Bhangra lovers.

Since university Tanisha and Mithun are now married and have a small family however they have always found time for Bhangra and several years ago started this online community as a way to communicate with other Bhangra lovers in the UK.

Mithun has been very happy with the progression of Bhangra.org and since the relaunch a few of months ago is looking forward to taking the website further to make it a national Bhangra resource and news site.


Tanisha met Mithun at university and is currently his wife. She occasionally contributes to the website through the writing of articles and the editing of other peoples work. Tanisha’s favourite bhangra artist are late Surjit Bindrakhia and Jazzy B because her parents always played his music during her childhood.


Kate is a friend of Mithun from university whom he introduced to Bhangra music. Fascinated by the Asian origins of the music, Kate joined his university group and began to learn about the history of the music. Now a big fan of the industry, Kate is involved in Bhangra.org through the reporting of the latest news and gossip from the genre. Based in South Wales, Kate’s favourite bhangra artist is Gurdas Mann, who was the singer of the first Bhangra song she ever heard.

Taljeet (Jeet) Singh:

Taljeet, better known as simply ‘Jeet’ is an Indian-based Bhangra enthusiast who got involved in the site on a more formal basis after being an avid reader and contributor to the site for years. Jeet has never met the other members of the Bhangra.org team, however through countless online discussions and skype conversations he is an intrical member of the team who always has a strong opinion on any Bhangra subject. Taljeet has a large family and recently became a grandfather for the first time.

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