Enjoy the Bhangra Competition in Boston this November

Enjoy the Bhangra Competition in Boston this November

Bhangra is the lively Punjabi dance that binds the South Asian Community together and keeps them associated with their roots. However, thanks to the worldwide presence of Punjabis, the Bhangra has also emerged as one of the globally recognised dance forms and invites a large fan following irrespective of caste, creed and gender. One of the pivotal roles is played by the Bhangra competitions around the world that encourage the participation of different teams and offer a perfect platform to spread the awareness about Bhangra on a global level. One of such competition is going to be held in Boston by the Non-Profit Organization Boston Bhangra.

Annual Boston Bhangra Competition, 2016

The 13th annual Boston Bhangra Competition is going to be held on in November 2016. To make it more convenient for the audience the event is scheduled on 19th November 2016 that is a Saturday. Hence, the audience would be in the perfect Saturday Mood and can enjoy till late night as the next day is a Sunday. The competition would see some of the greatest Bhangra Teams vying to attract your attention with their startling performances that would include authentic Bhangra steps and bona fide dancers with vivid rhythm. The participants of this famous competition are known for their master expertise and authentic steps that are largely appreciated by the audience across different age groups. The young crowd would be electrified by the swift movements that almost blur the individual dancers and make them one with the dance form. The older generation would be nostalgically mesmerised by the rare Bhangra movements that are essentially authentic.

About the event

With a huge experience of more than a decade (12 years, to be precise!) the organisers are fully capable of offering a full-on fun to the audience. In fact starting from 2004, the Boston Bhangra Competition has been successfully offering the best annual Bhangra event that mesmerises the audiences irrespective of caste, creed, gender and age. That is why the event has many admirers: Right from 8 years old toddler to the grandparents who have enjoyed 80 years of their life. The crisp management, perfect design and careful selection of the teams offer a unique identity to the competition. Also, the fair judgment process based on crucial features characteristics further encourages the teams to show their best skills and enhance the entertainment. Expect some unique steps, innovational introductions and rare Bhangra steps in the event.

Venue: Orpheum Theatre, 1 Hamilton Pl,Boston
Date: Saturday 19 November 2016, 18:00
More details and ticket information can be obtained at the Organization’s website

About the Organization

The organisation is a Not for profit organisation that mainly aims at reviving the Punjabi culture and keep the youth associated with their roots by the means of dance and music. The organisation is also committed to mentoring the youth who is interested in learning the authentic Bhangra. It also conducts weekly Bhangra classes and encourages the youth to compete on the international level to further hone their skills.

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