Kaka Bhaniawala

Kaka Bhaniawala was a renowned Bhangra singer with an instantly recognisable voice which appealed to thousands of music lovers from India, to the UK and Canada. Sadly Kaka passed away in April 2009, aged just 38, following complications after receiving a blood transfusion. He was being treated in hospital as a result of a liver complaint. It was said that his hectic lifestyle and drinking habits had been contributory factors to his death.

Kaka Bhaniawala

Kaka Bhaniawala

The popularity of Kaka’s music spans the world as he regularly performed in venues from India to London, Vancouver to Birmingham. Some of his biggest hits included Daru Pee Ke, Jawani and Nachna.

During his successful career as a Bhangra singer he worked with a whole host of top name Punjabi artists including Tigerstyle, DJ H, DJ Rags, and he was about to start work collaborating on a new album by Taj-E Siks at the time of his demise.

Born with the name Santokh Singh Rataurh, Kaka changed his birth name when he embarked upon his professional singing career. He grew up in the village of Bhani in India, he incorporated the village into his stage name as a reminder of where he came from.

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