Lal Chand Yamla Jatt

Born in 1914 the people of Punjabi grew up listening to the sounds of this much respected Bhangra folk singer. He lived a long life dying in 1991 at the age of 77. Lal is famed for his use of the authentic Punjabi instrument, the tumbi, which is associated with the North of India. He brought the sound of the tumbi to the masses through his music.

During his career he released 11 albums many of which produced some of the best loved songs of his generation. His most popular songs include Das Main Ki Pyar Wichion and Charka Rondan Vekhe. The album which gained the most recognition was Khedan De Din Chaar. He will always he remembered for his tuneful melodies which are known to millions in India and beyond.

Despite his high standing in the Bhangra music world, by the time Lal died, he had very little money left or anything to show from his illustrious career. His family now live in Ludhiana in near poverty with his grandsons working as labourers, scrimping and saving to make ends meet.

The life story of Lal has just been taken up by independent film maker Narinder Pal Singh. The hour long documentary has been split into two parts with the first section focusing on the rise of the much loved Bhangra star and the second half charts his sad decline into poverty. The accomplished filmmaker has enlisted the help of some of Lal’s family members and many of the musicians and artists who he worked with to help create an accurate and authentic overview of this Bhangra legends’ life.

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