Surjit Bindrakhia

The voice of Surjit Bindrakhia is widely regarded as the best there has ever been in the history of Bhagra. His immense singing talent and ability to perform the hekh, a note sung continuously in one breath, marked him out as one of the leading players in the Bhangra music industry.

Surjit Bindrakhia (Born Surjit Singh Bains) April 15, 1962 – November 17, 2003 was a Punjabi Bhangra singer. He is known for his hekh, in which he sings a note continuously in one breath. His hits include Dupatta Tera Satrang Da, Bas Kar Bas Kar, Hit Geetan Da Guldasta, Tera Yaar Bolda, Lak Tunoo Tunoo and Jatt Di Pasand. Surjit is considered to have the greatest voice in bhangra history.

Born in a small village in India in 1962, Surjit was the son of a wrestler who gained much local attention. Surjit followed in his father’s footsteps and took part in wrestling matches himself whist at University. However his desire to be a singer was greater and he began singing boliyan as part of a college Bhangra group.

Before Surjit became a sensation in the music business, he appeared as an extra in a handful of Bollywood films. It was around this time that he was approached by a famous lyricist, Shamsher Sandhu who spotted his talent. The pair went on to work together and formed a very successful partnership with Sanhdu penning all of Sarjit’s hit songs.

The release of Surjit’s smash hit track, Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da, signalled his arrival on the world stage and he became an international star. Other top hits associated with the legendary singer include Bas Kar Bas Kar and Jatt Di Pasand. During his career he racked up a staggering 250 million record sales, 175 million of which were from India alone. He will be remembered by many as the man who bridged the gap between Punjabi folk music and Punjabi pop music.

Surjit died suddenly at his home in India at the age of 41 in 2003. He left behind a wife, Preet Kamal and a son (Gitaz Bindrakhia)  and daughter. Some of the biggest names in Bhangra turned out for his funeral including the high profile star Gurdas Maan.

Surjit Bindrakhia’s Discography

  • Pyar Kar Lai (2005)
  • Galti-Malti Maaf Kar Deo (2004)
  • A Tribute To Surjit Bindrakhia (2004)
  • Ishque Di Agg (2003)
  • Bindrakhia Blast (2003)
  • Ghabru Gulab Varga (2003)
  • Wang Wargi Kuri (2002)
  • Dil Watte Dil Mangda (2002)
  • Munda Ki Mangda (2002)
  • Dilaan Diyaan Choriyaan (2002)
  • Singho Sewadar Bano (2002)
  • Billiaan Akhiyaan (2001)
  • Janam Dihara Khalsa Da (2001)
  • Phul Kadhda Phulkari (2001)
  • Lakk Tunoo Tunoo (2000)
  • Ladla Deor (2000)
  • Dil Nachda (2000)
  • 100% Bindrakhia (1999)
  • Best of Bindrakhia Vol. 1 (1999)
  • Mukhda Dekh Ke (1999)
  • Tera Vikda Jai Kure Pani (1998)
  • Bindrakhia Power Point (1998)
  • Valeiti Masti (1998)
  • Rumaal Bhul Gayee (1998)
  • Phullan Wangoo Hasdiye (1997)
  • Labh Kiton Bhabiye (1996)
  • Tauba Tauba Hussan (1996)
  • Sohni Naar (1996)
  • Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da (1996)
  • Hai Darhuka (1995)
  • Strictly Bindrakhia (1994)
  • Loki Kehnde Bas Kar Bas Kar (1992)
  • Munde Aakhde Pataaka (1991)

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