Aman Hayer

Aman Hayer has been making music since 2002 but he didn’t hit the big time until the release of his Groundshaker album in 2005 which was one of the biggest selling records of recent times. Since then he has gone from a virtual unknown to an internationally recognised figure in the Bhangra music industry. As well as being a well known music producer, Hayer is also an accomplished singer and lyricist.

Aman Hayer

Hayer hails from Leamington Spa in the U.K. Over the past few years he has developed quite name for himself through a combination of successful collaborations with big name Bhangra artists and performances at live Road Shows. He has worked with some of the biggest Bhangra stars during his time in the business and has also helped launch the careers of some of the best up and coming artists including Nirmal Sidhu and Angrej Ali.

Over a decade ago Hayer was taken under the wing of none other than the high profile music producer and singer-songwriter, Sukshinder Shinda. Known as The Music Man, it seems his golden touch has certainly rubbed off on the ambitious Hayer.

With 5 albums under his belt to date, plus countless collaborations with other artists, Hayer is going from strength to strength. His latest album, Groundshaker2 is a nod to his nickname; he has become known in Bhangra music circles as The Ground Shaker.

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