As one of the biggest Bhangra DJ’s of the moment, DJ H is in high demand on the club scene all over the world. With a bag full of top records under his belt including the Bhangra record of the year, club anthem Ishq Brandy, and grabbing the title of best selling album of the year in 2008 with his record Reloaded, it’s no wonder DJ H is flying high in the world of Bhangra.



Although he’s hit the giddy heights of success now, DJ H started from the very bottom. Born in Slough, Berkshire, in 1982 Hardeep Kataria (his real name) first got the bug for music when he was given a set of turn tables during his early teens. He wasted no time in getting involved in the club scene and would carry equipment and help build sets for established DJ’s as a way of learning more about the business.

The aspiring DJ was keen to find his own unique sound and spent a long time experimenting with classic desi beats and Bhangra melodies in a an attempt to create something special. He succeeded, and it wasn’t long before he was being asked to play at some of the biggest clubs in London, sharing the stage with big names such as Trevor Nelson and Jazzy B.

With his encyclopaedic knowledge of Bhangra it wasn’t surprising when DJ H was picked up by U.K’s biggest discotheque company, Calibar Roadshow. Whilst performing with Calibar he built up a significant reputation and became the most sought after wedding DJ.

During this time he also landed a record contract with renowned desi record label, Untouchables. He released his first album in 2005 entitled, The Debut, which was a top hit.

This year DJ H embarked upon his most exciting challenge to date having launched his very own Roadshow, Kudos Music.

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