Gitaz Bindrakhia

Gitaz Bindrakhia

Gitaz Bindrakhia is the son of the late Bhangra singing legend, Surjit Bindrakhia who died suddenly in 2003 after suffering from a heart attack. Jazzy B is said to have championed Gitaz early on in his career and brought him to the U.K in 2005 to help establish him as a Bhangra performer.

His father’s legacy has left Gitaz in a very privileged position. The famous lyricist, Shamshen Sandhu, who penned many hits for Surjit is rumoured to be working on material for Gitaz’s album. The young singer was also invited to perform at Sandhu’s son’s wedding, sharing the stage with some icons of the Bhangra music industry including Gurdas Maan.

Some music fans have taken offence at Gitaz’s decision to not wear a Pagg (turban) whilst performing. His refusal to don the traditional piece of headwear has prompted some disgruntled fans to start up an internet campaign calling for the singer to wear the Pagg.

As an up and coming Bhangra star, Gitaz’s career is still in its infancy. However great things are expected of the young singer as it’s hoped he has inherited his father’s voice which was widely regarded as one of the best in Bhangra history.

Hathiyaar – Gitaz Bindrakhia

Jind Mahi – Gitaz Bindrakhia

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