H Dhami

The fresh faced Bhangra singer, H Dhami, is fast becoming one of the hottest names in the industry. With a clutch of awards, best selling singles and albums all under his belt, this young singer is carving out a successful career for himself in the music business.

H Dhami

H Dhami

H Dhami has Bhangra is his blood. His father was the lead singer of the successful 80’s Bhangra group, Heera, and encouraged him from a young age. The supportive father even invited his son to perform on stage at the tender age of just 6 igniting a lifelong passion for singing.

H-Dhami, Born Hartinder Dhami, the budding singer grew up in Hounslow just outside of London. He began his career performing on the U.K Mela circuit sharing the stage with Bollywood greats such as Shah Rukh Khan. His big break in the music industry came in 2007 when he was signed up by Rischi Rich on his own label, Rischi Rich Productions. In the same year he released his first single, Sadke Java which became one of the big hits of the summer.

Following the success of his single, his debut album was released the next year and hit the number one spot in the Asian Charts and also earned him a Best Newcomer Award at the U.K Asian Music Awards. It featured 13 songs and some exciting collaborations with some top Bhangra artists including Roach Killa and Chaaya.

Something you probably didn’t know about H Dhami is that he’s a big football fan and has recently undergone the first stage in F.A training scheme to become a football coach.

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