Harbhajan Mann

Harbhajah Mann is a star of Punjabi cinema with a host of blockbuster movies under his belt. During his career HB has become a much loved Indian singer and actor famed for his good looks, melodic melodies and high profile movie career.
HM’s childhood ambition was to be a singer. With 18 albums to his name and a long list of hit singles, it’s fair to say he’s surpassed his initial ambition. Despite recording his first album in 1988, HM didn’t gain international success until the release of his 1999 track, Oye Hoye, which was an instant hit with music fans around the world for its pop slant on a Punjabi style of music. MTV India were influential in the success of this single as they picked up on the burgeoning Bhangra star and featured him on their channel.

In 2002 HM’s movie career really took off with his performance in Asa Nu Mann Watna Da proving popular with Punjabi audiences. After this he went on to star in a string of blockbusters including Mera Pind and his most notable film to date, Jag Jeondelyan De Mele.

HM was born in India but raised in British Columbia. The 6th child out of 7 siblings he began singing at an early age, even cutting school to perform at local events. He remains true to the essence of the Punjabi style of music although there is a distinct pop influence in some of his work. He favours meaningful lyrics in music and refuses to have any form of violence displayed in his videos.

In 1990 HM married his wife Harmandeep and the couple have three children together. Harmandeep takes a background role in HM’s career as she makes all of his costumes for his movies.

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