Imran Khan

Imran Khan is a Holland based Pakistani born Bhangra Singer, he is currently signed with Pestige Records in the United Kingdom. Mr Khan rose to popularity with his debut single, Ni Nachleh and now he also launched his latest album in the U.K , known as the Unforgettable.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan

The album features 15 brand new tracks and also with some remix of the 2007 hit single. Ni Nachleh, the tracks include Aaja we Mahiya, hey girl, peli waar and many more. The album was released under prestige records on the 27 July 2009. The album tracks also proved successful on many radio stations and also made a good impact on the audience in Edinburgh Mela.

Imran makes music to give the public something that they will enjoy. As he says It’s not about the fame or money.” His personal aims are to help, nuture and support people through his work. He wants to promote Punjabi in his country as a mother tongue that he feels should be spoken by younger generations. He has ambitions to work hard at his music and even start a clothing line one day.

Unforgettable is the debut album from Holland based punjabi singer-song writer Imran Khan. The album was released under Prestige Records on the 27th July 2009.

The album features 15 brand new tracks with the remix of the 2007 hit single, Ni Nachleh.

  1. Amplifier
  2. Aaja We Mahiya
  3. Hey Girl
  4. Peli Waar
  5. Chak Glass
  6. Nazar
  7. Superstar
  8. Gora Gora Rang (Feat. Mr Probz)
  9. Bounce Billo
  10. Ni Nachleh (Feat. MC Spyder)
  11. 40 Pra
  12. Pata Chalgea
  13. Bewafa
  14. Nai Reina
  15. Qott Ghusian Da (Feat. Shabby)

We wish him all the very best with his future plans. Do look out for this artist as we think he will go a long way.

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