Jassi Sidhu

Jassi Sidhu started his professional musical career as the lead singer of Brit Asian pop band, B21. Together the group gained massive success all over the world and were one of the biggest Bhangra bands of the time. However under the surface all was not well and in 2002 Jassi exited the group in dramatic style branding B21 “nothing more than a glorified mime act.”

Now Jassi is one of the most in demand Bhangra singers on the scene. He made the transition from boy band member to solo star look effortless. He silenced his critics with his award-winning debut album, Reality Check, which proved a sell out. He’s gone on to release 3 albums in total plus a greatest hits record and he recently announced through Twitter, that he is working on a new album.

The latest album entitled, The New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu, was a joint venture with music producer and friend, Rischi Rich. It also included an eagerly anticipated collaboration with Bhangra sensation, Malkit Singh and Aman Hayer. The ambitious singer said he hoped to create an album that “personifies British Bhangra music.”

Jassi’s love of both eastern and western instruments has lead him to incorporate a range of these different sounds in his music. His ability to successfully balance traditional Bhangra beats with a modern edge has enabled him to establish himself at the forefront of contemporary Bhangra music.

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