Manmohan Waris

Born Manmohan Singh Heer in 1970 and the eldest of three brothers, his family were farmers in Halluwal, Punjab. He has come a long way from his humble start in life and is now regarded as one of the most respected Bhangra singers of his generation. Since the launch of his professional career in 1993 he has released 20 albums. His emotional and pure lyrics which deal with everything from love to child poverty have helped him win fans all over the world.

Manmohan began his formal musical training at the age of 11. He was taught under the watchful eye of an experienced guru. Everything he learnt he passed on to his two younger brothers who have both gone on to become renowned musicians in their own rights. As well as singing the young Manmohan also learnt to play the traditional Punjabi folk instrument, the tumbi. He graduated from the Punjab University with a degree in music.

The family then moved to Canada in 1990. It was from here that Manmohan went on to launch his professional musical career. He enlisted the help of his two brothers, Kamal Heer and Sangtar to compose the music for his debut album. The finished album was an instant hit across the board. Many fans and critics praised the record for its innovative approach and commended it for bringing a fresh perspective to Bhnagra music.

As well as a glittering musical career, Manmohan also does important humanitarian work. He has worked hard to push the Indian government into implementing child labour laws.

Manmohan is currently on an international tour along with his two brothers.

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