Miss Pooja

Miss PoojaMiss Pooja is the biggest selling female Bhangra artist of the moment. Famed for reviving the traditional Punjabi duet with her debut album, Queen of Duets, Miss Pooja has become a role model for teenage girls and young women as the most successful female Bhangra singer.

After completing a Masters degree in music and education Miss Pooja went on to teach at a school for two years. She then decided to take the plunge and launched her own singing career, something she had dreamed about since a young age.

Since 2006, when Miss Pooja first broke onto the Bhangra music scene, she’s collaborated with over 70 different artists. She continues to work with famous song writer Karamjit Puri on many of her records; he has a trademark for mentioning his own name at either the end or beginning of his songs.

Miss PoojaIn 2005 Miss Pooja toured the U.K and the U.S alongside other Bhangra singing stars Jazzy B and Preet Brar. Whilst visiting Britain, she recorded a live session for the popular BBC Asian network.

Miss Pooja’s distinctive high pitched voice and catchy lyrics which relate to modern issues endeared her to the Bhangra music fans. She is often compared to Sudesh Kumari as they share a similar quality to their voice.

In the summer of 2009 an unknown source started an internet rumour claiming that the singer had been shot dead. It emerged that this was entirely fabricated and Miss Pooja had not been harmed in any way at all.

The brand new album Romantic Jatt is due for release soon and Miss Pooja has unveiled a brand new look to coincide with the new record. She’s swapped her traditional style of Punjabi dress which included a saree, delicate jewellery and long flowing hair for a more westernised, modern look.

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