Mukhtar Sahota

Mukhtar Sahota first found fame along with his five brothers when they formed the band, Sahotas, in the mid 80’s. The musical family grew up in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands and all of the 5 siblings developed an interest in music. Mukhatr taught himself to play a wide range of musical instruments including some of the more unusual, traditional Punjabi instruments.

Together the band released 7 albums which all spawned some big hit singles. The band wrote songs in both English and Punjabi. Their most popular song to date was the smash hit Hass Hogia. The Sahtas haven’t released an album since their 2001 record, Revelation. The album featured a compilation of their biggest selling songs and was targeted specifically at Indian music fans. 8 years have passed since the band last worked together, however in a recent interview when Mukhatr was asked about the possibility of a band reunion he replied, “Watch this space.”

Mukhtar worked chiefly as the music producer for The Sahotas and in 2002 he decided to work on some solo projects. His debut album entitled, Time Out, featured collaboration with top Bhangra artist, Lehmber Hussainpuri, who had previously worked with the band. He has since released another 3 albums, The Muzik, 21st Century Jugni and Unpredictable, all of which have been well received. In 2006 Mukhtar launched his own record label Internalmusic which has given him total artistic freedom and the chance to showcase up and coming talent.

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