Sukshinder Shinda

Sukshinder Shinda is a Punjabi award-winning producer and singer. Since making his professional debut in 1989 the Bhangra artist hasn’t looked back. He has worked on over 200 albums and is best known for his collaborations with Jazzy B. In 2003 Shinda made his first solo album Gal Sun Ja which proved very successful.

Shinda has produced a stash chart topping albums which have proved best sellers around the world. Several of the tracks featured on these albums have thrown up some of the most iconic songs of the past decade or more. As well as being focused on his own projects, Shinda takes time out to champion new talent and has given a helping hand to many an up-and-coming artist in his time.

As well as producing and recording best selling tracks, Shinda has also provided soundtracks for some Bollywood films. His reputation for musical excellence has earned him the title, The Music Man.

Born in India but raised in Britain, Shinda’s parents moved to Birmingham in the West Midlands when he was just a small child. He still lives in the area now, as does his Jazzy B. The two enjoy both a successful working relationship and also a close friendship away from the music. In fact, Jazzy B credits much of his success with having worked almost exclusively with Shinda during his career.

There have been many influential people in Shinda’s life who have helped shape his career. His mentor is Kuldip Matharu who nurtured his talent from a young age. He has also worked closely with several high profile musicians including the gold champion Dhol player, Laal Bhatti.

The latest album to be produced by Shinda entitled Collaborations 2 aims to “solidify his status as king of modern Bhangra music.” It combines the sounds of India and Pakistan to create a unique blend of music and features sound of the biggest names in Bhnagra.

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