BBC Asian Network Introduces Bangladesh Music Week

BBC Asian Network Introduces Bangladesh Music Week

BBC Asian Network introduces Bangladesh Music Week throughout this first week of December. The BBC Asian Network is celebrating the exciting and increasingly popular world of Bangladeshi music, offering their listeners a highly diverse range of songs, artist interviews and general music knowledge.

This themed week has come as part of a series, honing in on regional music genres such as Pakistan, Punjab and Gurati musical expressions. Nadia Ali, the network’s British-Bangladeshi presenter will be kicking off this glorious week tonight with her Sunday show.


Nadia Ali

From 8-10 pm pioneering Bangledeshi singers such as Topu and FA Sumon will join her, giving us more of an insight into this niche sector of the music industry.

Nadia says: “I’m so proud to be Bangladeshi – and this week really gives Bangladesh and the artists a proper chance to shine. I’m really excited!”

One of the big focuses of this week will be Nadia’s visit to an East London school, joined by Mumzy Stranger, the Bangladeshi superstar. They will be spending time and interacting with 14 and 15 year olds, discussing career prospects and personal visions. They will then go to a studio and try a hand at creating original Bangladeshi music.

Mark Strippel, Head of Programmes for Asian Network, said: “BBC Asian Network has developed a strong platform for Bangladeshi music and culture over recent years, from our partnerships with the Boishakhi Mela, Oitij-Jo festival, Bangla Power 100 and a Season of Bangladeshi Drama. We are witnessing a resurgence in British-Bangladeshi creativity, with artists supported every week on BBC Asian Network by Nadia Ali, and we aim to showcase the ambition and distinctiveness of artists of Bangladeshi origin in the biggest way possible.”

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday 2 December:

Tommy Sandhu (6-10am) is joined live in the studio by folk singer Sohini Alam and he speaks to Kona who picks her favourite music in this week’s Desi Island Discs.

Tuesday 3 December:

Nihal (10am-1pm) welcomes the first artist of Bangladeshi descent to have entered the mainstream music industry, Mumzy Stranger.

Bobby Friction (5.30-9pm) speaks to singer Habib live in the studio.

Wednesday 4 December:

Noreen Khan (1.30-5pm) is joined in the studio by hit singer Shireen Javed.

Thursday 5 December:

Tommy Sandhu (6-10am) is joined live in the studio by Jernade Miah.

Nihal (10am-1pm) is joined on the phone by Brooklyn Shanti.

Ray Khan (9pm-12midnight) catches up with singer Shahin Badar in Mera Safar.

Friday 6 December:

Bobby Friction (5.30-9pm) is joined by the vibrant and highly individual jazz composer and pianist, Zoe Rahman.

Yasser (9pm) gets some lessons on how to be Bangladeshi from YouTube phenomenon ‘Ali Official’. Up and coming artist Habib UK celebrates being Bangladeshi through a specially made track and electronic music maker Badeshi puts his spin on traditional folk music.

Saturday 7 December:

Gagan Grewal (6-10am) kicks off the morning with Sitar-playing Shama Rahman.

Kan D Man and DJ Limelight (9pm-12midnight) are joined by East London rapper and producer, Naga MC.

Sunday 8 December:

Gagan Grewal (6-10am) speaks to singer Salique about his collaboration with Mumzy.

Saima Ajram (4-6pm) is joined by singer and actress, Suzana Ansar.

Nadia Ali (8-10pm) ends Bangladesh Music Week by speaking to Fuad.

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