Bhangra News relaunches a new, fresh, SEO rich website

Bhangra News relaunches a new, fresh, SEO rich website

Welcome to the very new look of

If you are a regular visitor then you may have noticed our brand new look. In case this is your first visit you will quickly learn that we are one of the most popular bhangra and music news related website which is approved by Google News. This means that any news published on this website gets listed in Google News within a few minutes. So whether you are a new artist or a popular record label is the ideal PR and marketing tool for you.

We a have added various new features to the new website, one of them is submit your news online. Tis means you can get your news seen in Google News within minutes. Please note still all news will be moderated and subject to approval.

Other new features such as featured videos, music charts, business listings, advertising and much more.

If you would like tot contact us, please email us on news @

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