Do You Know Diljit Dosanjh all set to offer his new track?

Do You Know Diljit Dosanjh all set to offer his new track?

Do you know that the Punjabi heartthrob Diljit Dosanjh is all set to charm his fans with his upcoming album, Do you know? No, we are not repeating the question. This is the name of his upcoming song track that would enchant his fans by the end of this month. Diljit is very excited about the experience of recording the song. According to him, each and every aspect of the song recording was amazing.

Considering the amount of enjoyment he had while working on the album it can rightly be assumed that the track would have all the qualities of becoming a blockbuster. The video was shot in Los Angeles and California according to some media reports.

The well-crafted song and lyrics would be accompanied by a video depicting a fitting story. According to Daljeet, the very first instance of hearing the music instantly inspired him to weave a beautiful story around the same. That spontaneity must have added tonnes of attraction to the video too. It would be a great experience to watch a beautiful video supported by carefully designed song.

Expect high dose of entertainment

The picturesque beauty of California amd Los Angeles, sterling acting of the characters depicting the story with some authentic Punjabi dance (we guess!) would be more than enough to offer a high dose of entertainment to the fans of Diljit Dosanjh. The singer is known for his exquisite skills and a commitment to provide blockbuster tracks. He is excellent at his art and knows very well how to blend just the right amount of popular elements to offer his fans a blockbuster song

Location matters

According to his own statement, the singer has spent lavishly on making of the song. That is why even the locations are selected very carefully and only those places are selected that have certain charming vibes. The singer also ran a contest on his social media asking his fans to guess the name of the new song title. Do you know?

Expect a charming, refreshing song that would harmoniously blend all the element of popular music without affecting the quality or melody of the song!

Flying high on Bollywood success after “Udtaa Punjab”

The singer is enjoying his new identity as an actor in Bollywood and is very excited about the new projects. His superb acting skills as an inspector in much talked about movie “Udta Punjab” has established his identity as an actor in his very first attempt at Bollywood.

He will soon be spotted acting in Anushka Sharma’s next movie “Phillauri”. Some reports also suggest that the artist may also be approached by Karan Jauhar. However, he respects his association with Punjabi movies that he wants to take to the wider audience.

Jatt and Juliet, Jatt and Juliet 2, Sardarji, Sardarji 2 and Punjab 1984 are some of the punjabi movies he has acted in. However the singer is very much committed to his first love, singing. We wish all the best to actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh!

The singer started out his formal mainstream career with the first mainstream video album by the names of Ishq Da Uda Ada that came in 2000. However, the his shot to fame came with his third album smile that offered popular tracks like Paggan Pochviyan Wale and Nachh Diyan Alran Kuwariyan. His initial mainstream movie in a leading role was “The Lion of Punjab” that was released in 2011. The movie flopped but its track “Lak 28 Kudi Da” reached legendary heights of popularity, ultimately becoming no. 1 on The Official Asian Download Chart in the UK.

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