Exclusive Interview With Bhangra Superstar Nesdi Jones

Exclusive Interview With Bhangra Superstar Nesdi Jones

Nest-MashupThe Indian demand for western females is not a new subject of discussion. However, the country’s love displayed for Welsh girl Nesdi Jones is truly incredible. Nesdi Jones is a musical sensation of our time, having used her individuality to carve the beginning of a prestigious career in Bhangra music. Her association with Asian song has allowed her to experiment with her voice, releasing music in a variety of languages and genres.

Uniqueness is an attribute that is essential in creating a superstar and is a quality that Nesdi enthuses in.

Bhangra News caught up with Nesdi this week to talk all things Bhangra.

She spoke of her eclectic musical tastes that can be located in America, Britain and of course India. Although ‘not a die-hard fan of anyone’ she vocalised her love for a diversity of musical traditions.

‘I am the kind of person who listens to vast genres to widen my horizons professionally and personally. I like Jessie J because of her soulful songs and very open attitude she has guts’

On the note of passion it is Nesdi’s journey into the unknown that greatly intrigues Bhangra News.  Her confidence to create original material is what categorises her as an original niche artist.

Traditional Indian music is greatly detached from anything modern pop is created from. Nesdi enjoys studying the musical form of Indian artists and their ‘phenomenal control’ over their vocals. She named Shreya Ghoshal as one of her inspirations and said ‘I hope to achieve her vocals after classical training’.

So where did this strong connection with India rise from? We asked.

‘I went to India for the first time when I was 17. I helped at a NGO in Kishangarh village (Delhi). Through that journey I met the most wonderful people whom I now call my closest friends and family’

Many artists can locate a pinnacle moment in their career when they knew they would evolve into a successful artist. For Nesdi this was receiving a phone call from Yo Yo Honey Singh who came across her Youtube videos. She claims to have been ‘in shock and awe’. Nesdi then met up with Honey Singh and Alfaaz and was undeniably star struck.

I never dreamt that I would be in the same room as Honey Singh and Alfaaz!’ she told.

manpreet-aujla-london-honey-singhWhen discussing her most poignant moments so far it was the debut of ‘London’ with Money Aujla and Honey that immediately sprung to mind. The track reached number one in the Asian Network charts and was what Nesdi described as ‘a blessing’.

Nesdi inevitably caused a great deal of hype being interviewed by a number of radio stations and publications. A highpoint was however back in Britain when Nesdi was approached by ITV. It was important to Nesdi to use this national platform to showcase her true personality.

‘Rob Shelly (The interviewer) was amazing and put me at ease and made it fun! I don’t like being formal because it isn’t me. I am very relaxed and like to come across as approachable and Rob really showed it!’

How did you feel seeing your self on the big screen? We asked.

‘Watching it was great! I was thinking, “That is really me on television”!  The feedback was very positive, the public was pleased with how natural I can be.’ 

carNow back in Britain Nesdi has thoughts of the Asian scene and how she will get back out there, displaying a hunger to perfect the ever so important accent of Indian singing. Having been self-taught she now wishes to seek professional guidance and perfect her act as a Bhangra artist.

‘There are very subtle accents which I can find difficulty to pick up at times without one-on-one help.  Also being used to Hindi my pronunciations are off a lot but I am practicing! Slowly I am picking it up and hopefully I will be fluent one day.’

Nesdi has already received a warm response and wishes to work towards a collaboration, ‘I like Jaz Dhami’s style of music I think we could make an interesting fusion’.

Her love for all variations of music and culture is the recipe for a great partnership, showing a particular interest in rap, claiming to have ‘written many lyrics and raps’.

When asked who the ideal artists would be to release a track with the list was varied to say the least, including Jazzy B, Hard Kaur and rapper Example.

‘My dream is to go into Bollywood so Arijit Singh who I adore along with Atif Aslam and A R Rahman’

With such a passion and drive for success we do not question for one minutes that remarkable things are in the pipeline for this Welsh girl.

What is next in for you? What can we expect in the near future?

‘I have just finished recording my next track which is solo. I’m singing in Hindi, English and Punjabi! Next step is to film the video and release it! I hope everyone will like it! Soon I will be going back to India to perform and finish my album and to learn more Hindi and Punjabi! I have a lot of surprises for my followers!’ 

It is safe to say that it was a pleasure to catch up with Nesdi and we at Bhangra News anticipate great things to come. She left us with some wise words…

Be true to yourself. Don’t let anyone make you something your not. Don’t give up put 100% in everything.’

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