High Gear Insurance to Partner with Rajeev B for Taxi Driver Mixtape

High Gear Insurance to Partner with Rajeev B for Taxi Driver Mixtape

High Gear LogoIf you have not heard of High Gear then first of all; where have you been?

High Gear is the next big thing in the insurance industry, having been called ‘the biggest thing to happen in insurance since the Compare the Market’.

Even though the insurance brokerage based in Cardiff, the company offers car insurance solutions throughout the UK. While offering a diverse range of services they have made a name for themselves as being Asian taxi driver’s first choice for coverage.

Imran Ahmed, a Director of High Gear Insurance says:

‘We differ from our competitors as we offer bilingual quotes, helping all Asian taxi drivers shop for taxi insurance with ease. Language barriers can be a huge issue for drivers that can only speak Bengali, Hindu, Punjabi or Gujarati. Such drivers have been buying into policies that they know little about until now’.

‘Not understanding what they are purchasing many Asian-speaking drivers are not getting the most from their insurance, being unable to relay important information to the company they are being quoted by’.

Seeming to fully accommodate all types of languages spoken here in the UK High Gear offers a modern solution, being branded ‘the future of taxi insurance’ by Lady Motor (industry news source).

The mixtape

TEST1Having already gained a name for themselves as helping the Asian community High Gear has now partnered with UK music sensation Rajeev B, giving each of their driver’s a copy of ‘High Gear Volume 1’.

The playlist is said to be packed with incredible songs for all taxi drivers, no matter what their mother tongue. With Rajeev B known for his eclectic nature their was nobody more fitting to help High Gear with their plans.

‘I was honoured to have been approached by High Gear and am working on some pretty amazing things for the first release with them.’

‘I spend a lot of time travelling around the UK in taxis and one thing that always gets to me is having to listen to the radio. I will be creating this mixtape with taxi drivers and passengers in mind’.

We at Bhangra.org are extremely excited about this latest venture! Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving your comments below.

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