Jeet Chahil and Shin from DCS release Mere Vaali single

Jeet Chahil and Shin from DCS release Mere Vaali single

The new, competitive and highly anticipated “Mere Vaali” is here! Jeet Chahil’s latest single is available for download via iTunes and all other good online distributors.

Collaborators Jeet Chahil and Shin from DCS give such a live performance that is visible when watching the video, this shows the great single being in a world of its own.

The video is being aired on Brit Asia and is also available to be viewed online via Youtube to give you a taste of the live performance, Jeet Chahil has also advertised his live band which is available for booking in the advert for the release.

The music video was produced, directed and edited by renewed creative agency VISIO Studios, with their level of experience bringing a clever push of the performance between the two artists as well as adding strong cinematography cut-ins to accompany the live verses Jeet Chahil and Shin DCS offer.

Director, Mani Ranautta quotes – “The lyrics are suggestive of a club video with 2 girls dancing, we wanted to make use of a bigger budget and the 2 dynamic artists being able to perform so well to the camera hence a different perspective being used, lots of laughs making this and we hope you all enjoy.”

We invite you to see the video and tell us what you think, if you like the single we encourage you to get on to iTunes or other good online distributors and support the artists.

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