Lions of Punjab Troupe Dance on Dragons’ Den for Spice 2 Go Pitch

Lions of Punjab Troupe Dance on Dragons’ Den for Spice 2 Go Pitch

Did you see the Lions of Punjab dance in the Dragons’ Den on Sunday?

The midlands dance group brought creativity and energy to the den, filling the room with colour and spice on entrance.

Supporting Mr Tej Randeva, CEO of Spice 2 Go, the dancers started off the pitch with a lively bang.

‘We adapted a complete new routine in this instance as we believed that it would be fitting for a performance that holds such significance. We adapted our look and image to fit as closely as possible to the Spice 2 Go brand to emphasise the real purpose of our performance’ said the lead dancer.

Following the short dance routine Tej entered to face the four business minds.

Pitching for a 10% stake in his Indian food franchise business Tej felt the dancers were successful in setting off the tone of the pitch.

‘I think the Lions of Punjab were a great start to my pitch, immediately showing the Dragon’s what Spice 2 Go is about – fun, loudness and Indian culture’ said Tej.

The Lion’s experience of the den was one of great excitement paired with emotion.

‘Amongst feelings of excitement and anticipation we most certainly felt the pressure that was involved with performing on such a prestigious and world-renowned platform. Nevertheless we were still delighted to be handed the opportunity to showcase the Folk Dance of Bhangra to a global audience.’

With the den being infamously nerve-wracking and quiet the Lion’s roar made sure they could be heard a mile off.

‘The Dragons clearly enjoyed the performance and perhaps after a long day of being presented business ideas, the Bhangra performance may even have acted as a breath of fresh air and allowed the pitch to stand out right from the outset’ said Inder of Lions of Punjab.

Sharing a love for Indian culture with Spice 2 Go, what better coupling is there than the best Indian dancers and the UK’s first curry food chain?

The dance group is made up of dedicated and inspirational Bhangra-lovers, all passionate about spreading the Bhangra ethos, to be happy, have fun and let yourself go!

Spice 2 Go used the well-known Bhangra song ‘Gidheh Vich Nach’ by Gurbhej Brar during the pitch. The especially edited version from Kaos Productions saw the Dragons liven up, smiling and appreciating the effort that went in to the routine.

Having been dancing across the country for many years the dancers were still apprehensive about performing in front of the notorious dragons.

‘We felt that all the Dragons held the same stature and presence in the Den hence feeling nervous about performing in front of all them. However the name that was passed around the group prior to the performance was that of Deborah Meadon. Her formidable, ruthless reputation is one which shouldn’t be taken lightly and we acknowledged this before hand.’

Although there to support and enhance Tej’s pitch what did the Bhangra group really think of Spice 2 Go?

‘Spice 2 Go should have got the investment as the hard work and success that already surrounds the franchise in such a short period of time speaks for itself. The brand can and will only get bigger which seems worthy of attracting the investment asked for.’

So, although not successful in bagging Spice 2 Go with the investment that they had hoped for the Lions of Punjab have faith in Spice 2 Go as a business model, confident that it will succeed without the support of the Dragons.


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