Masala Bhangra Workout Sweeps the Nation

Masala Bhangra Workout Sweeps the Nation

Bhangra music and dance is well and truly part of the traditional Indian wedding, offering a cultural phenomenon that impresses all guests.

masala-bhangraWith Bhangra being synonymous with excitement and energy brides and grooms see its incorporation as imperative when planning their wedding day, matching the colour themes with the attire of the dancers.

Although British brides are associated with craving for bridal perfection is a lot more severe than we once thought.

American brides are now integrating Bhangra into the preparation stages of their wedding, using this Indian pastime as a way to get fit.

We at Bhangra News were very excited to find out about Masala Bhangra, a new exercise craze sweeping America, India, the UK and the rest of the world.

Sarina Jain, the creator of Masala Bhangra, feels that her invention is a combination of Bhangra, Hollywood and fitness, an amalgamation of our three favourate things.

‘It essentially is an Indian dance workout where you bring out your masculine side with bhangra and your feminine grace with Bollywood moves. The workout lasts for 45-60 minutes per session and the movements help tone your body’

Experimenting with music, dance and culture Masala Bhangra has received criticism over the years, have to persist to see her business take shape. Despite this lack of support Sarina soldiered on, knowing that there was a huge market and need for a revolutionary exercise that included Bhangra.

‘I first introduced it in India and I got a lot of criticism and negative feedback for it with many telling me it will never work. So I took it back to the US and focussed on getting the Americans to do ‘balle balle’ instead. And they loved it! After 14 years of it being popular in the US, people in India embraced it.’


Sarina likens the routine to a more coordinated version of the typical Pubjabi wedding dance with steps such as ‘dhol beat’ and ‘hadippa’ becoming people’s favourate’s.

The workout lasts for 45-60 minutes, made up of a set of movements that encourage the toning of muscles. In addition to the great health benefits Masala Bhangra is just great fun, inspiring people to lose weight

‘One can burn up to 500 calories in one session of Masala Bhangra. I know people who have lost 25 kg just by regularly doing this dance workout. It is a fun way to lose weight and add some spice to your life.’

We at Bhnagra News commend Sarina for staying true to her heritage and cannot wait to try out the Masala Bhangra workout!

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