Meet the new gem of Bhangra Music: Jassi Gill

Meet the new gem of Bhangra Music: Jassi Gill

Punjab, the Bhangra State of India, has produced some of the greatest names in the field of Bhangra who have been entertaining the people with their rhythms and moves all over the world. Many of them have made the whole world their stage. One more gem has started revealing its splendour. The name is Jassie Gill.

Who is He?

Jassie Gill is one of the most promising singer-actors of Punjab. Hailing from Jandali, a small village of Punjab State, the singer has achieved an enviable global success. His first release Batchmate came in 2011 and received a thunderous welcome. Since then there is no looking back.

What does he do?

The masculine voice and a rustic charm wonderfully blended with cosmopolitan character have won Jassie many fans across the world.

Another magnum opus of this versatile singer was Laden, the song that was frequently aired across Punjab. This 2015 song is proudly trending on YouTube with nearly 20 million views.
Apart from music scene, the good looking guy has also been featured in several regional movies of Punjab. The most famous name includes Mundeyan ton bachke rahin.

His album “Att Kar Ti” this year has been a sizzling hit that has won him global applaud. Released in 2014 Baapu Zimidar was another party-staple that set the dancing floor on fire with its beats and rhythms. With 2.5 million YouTube hits till date this album firmly established his identity as an accomplished all-round performer.

The great sensation this year

In for his 2016 blockbuster song “Att Kar ti” his handsome, masculine looks gel well with his voice. The agile moves, absorbing facial expressions and irresistible steps have received the success it truly deserved. The year still has some time to say goodbye and this hit song has already gathered 10 million YouTube views. It is not a surprise that Att Karti has been recognised as a major success at BBC Asian Download Chart. The

The astronomical success

Everything about this versatile Punjabi singer is astronomical: Right from his YouTube views to Facebook fans and Twitter followers. With over 4.5 million fans across social media, his reach penetrates different continents of the world.

Latest Hit

His latest sensation is Gabbroo! This fiery video album is hot by Arvind Khaira. The fine, fresh visuals will feature some amazing locations and awesome settings. This great party hit is Produced by Preet Hundal and written by Jaani.

This story styled video shows a hero asking her sweet darling about their future and the latter’s mind is wavering. This “wavering of mind” invites keen interest in the album and absorbs audience’s attention. Add to it the amazing locations it has been filmed at and you have the complete formula of smashing head bobbing hit.
The fresh soundtrack and pleasant melodious tunes through the sizzling beats are sure to further expand the fan list of the star.

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