Party Central: Brokerage Guru Set to Rock the Entertainment Industry

Party Central: Brokerage Guru Set to Rock the Entertainment Industry

When planning a wedding, birthday or prolific anniversary entertainment is key, having to trust companies that they are the best firm for the job.

With many having to go in blind when planning an event there is definitely room for a well-trusted brand to help us with this. It seems that with the introduction of Party Central we have been provided with just that, a business that aims to streamline the entertainment shopping process.

Party Central

Party Central is a truly amazing website that offers a vast assortment of entertainment hire options. From singers and Bhangra dancers to famous DJ’s and caterers, Party Central brands itself as ‘the home for all entertainment hire services’.

So, who are the brains behind this ingenious operation?

Tej Randeva, the company CEO boasts a proven track record, having headed up the UK’s first luxury transport brokerage, a multi-million pound businesses renowned for its continuous expansion. With all the right staff, tools, knowledge and network we do not doubt for a second that Party Central will be  just as much of a success.

‘We have been working on Party Central for a long time and have finally got the business model where we want it. The next 12 months are going to be extremely busy for us, aggressively marketing our services and making further additions to our talent portfolio’ says the company founder.

So, how does it all work?

Party Central works with a large network of entertainment providers that sign up to their agency. The company then work as the UK’s first port of call for arranging a party, farming out guaranteed bookings to the right acts for that specific customer.

‘Having developed Limo Broker & Transport Broker Group to where it is today I aim to do the same with Party Central, seeing the business evolve into a household brand’.

Mr Randeva expects everyone to think of Party Central when arranging any type of extravagant event, seeking their expertise when requiring everything from luxury vehicles to entertainers.

Although only in the exposition of their venture it seems that Party Central have kicked off with a bang.

‘We have some big names already added to our books and are in talks with a selection of famous Bhangra artists’.

We at would like to wish Mr Randeva and his team good luck, although they probably will not need it.

Fore more details you can reach Party Central here:


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