Tandoori Tony in Talks of Bhangra Track

Tandoori Tony in Talks of Bhangra Track

Bhangra News was thrilled to find out that the Internet sensation, Tandoori Tony, is an avid Bhangra fan. The Scottish football enthusiast has made a series of hilarious videos, our favourite being him at work in his local Indian Takeaway, singing about being a curry delivery driver. Tony really does speak to the individual, covering subjects of everyday life that are greatly relatable.The catchy tunes stick in your head, leaving you humming and replicating the melodies all day long. Atricsts like Tandoori Tony make you want to share their tunes with friends to brighten up everybody’s day.

There have been whispers in the industry that his strong connection with Indian food leads him to Bhangra music constantly, resulting in him being greatly attached to music!

“I am a very musical person and think that Bhangra dance is fantastic! I love to move whilst singing and have always fancied a bit of Bhangra” says Tony.

Bhangra is a traditional form of dance and music, originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Bhangra News was so glad that this niche industry had made its way to Scotland, a part of Britain not so renowned for their involvement in the art form.

There are talks of Tandoori Tony working on a Bhangra record, which we are very excited about! Who knows a Bollywood Balti song could go down a storm!

Keep an eye on Tandoori Tony’s videos on his YouTube channel and Twitter page (@TandooriTony), We feel that there are big things to come from this one!

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