TOWIES’ Jasmin Walia to Become Bollywood Star

TOWIES’ Jasmin Walia to Become Bollywood Star

MAIN-Jasmin-WaliaWhen we think of the glitz and glamour of Essex we cannot help but find parallels with the flamboyant Bollywood scene, with the brighter the colours, the better the effect. For one Essex star, Yasmin Walia, the transition to the Bollywood screens is a long-standing dream and having recently been named Sexiest Asian in the UK she believes she has a good chance of making it.

“The transition to Hollywood, I’d love to make that. It’s something I just really want to do. I’ve had a couple of meetings and it did help – I’ll just drop this in – I was named Sexiest Asian in the UK.

“I’ve been trying to network, and events like [The Asian Awards], it is a great event to network at.

“I’d love to be offered a small part. Even if it’s just a small part that leads to a big part.”

And the 24-year-old television personality already has some experience of acting and singing, having attended theatre school as a young girl.Last year she also auditioned for ITV show the X Factor in an attempt to pursue her career as a performer.

“I went to a theatre school when I was ten and then TOWIE came along, which was great, and now I’m just trying to get back into it.

“A lot people said it’s tough to come from a reality TV show, but I think it would be really unfair to judge me on a reality show.

“I think everyone should get a chance and so, hopefully, they’ll get to see my talent through it. So, I would go and do the auditions.

“I would do all the auditions and just hope that they approach me.”

Known for her beauty and reserved nature when it comes to the testosterone-filled men of Essex do you think she has what it takes to make it in Bollywood? Leave your comments below.

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