set to breathe life back into local shops set to breathe life back into local shops

As a nation, Britain illustrates a great love for their local shops, serving as an integral part of the community. With Asian families being infamous for making up a large majority of the corner shop trade you can only imagine their excitement when hearing of Ushop.

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Ushop says to be a revolutionary introduction to the corner shop, offering a great service that could launch this business sector back into triumph.

Small local shops have been subject to undeniable struggle in recent years, seeing sales figures drop lower than ever before. With the new obsession for ordering the entirety of our shopping online, the corner shop no longer exists as a modern shopping option, which is something Ushop wants to change.

We spoke to the founder of Ushop who says to be filling a huge gap within the market.

‘The Ushop concept was born from identifying a floor within the retail sector. With supermarkets now having such a prominent online presence it made no sense to us why corner shops should not have the same. Customers can now connect with their local shops, injecting money back into their communities”

Ushop seeks to connect consumers with their local shops, enabling people to enter their postcode into the site and search for their favourite shops. After selecting and paying for their products online the shopkeeper will get their items bagged and ready for the customers arrival.

This is something that the Asian community is very excited about, with shopkeepers and customers now being involved in the online era that we in.

Check out the website today!

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