Versatile Bhangra Singer Jazzy B and Shinda to reignite the magic with Folk n funky 2

Versatile Bhangra Singer Jazzy B and Shinda to reignite the magic with Folk n funky 2

The popular Punjabi singer Jazzy B is famous for his versatile voice that adds a youthful charm to his songs. His list of hit songs is really long but some names are an all time favourite of his fans. One such album is Folk n Funky. Its famous tracks like Blue eyes, London Patola and above all Ghugian da Jora are still widely enjoyed by his admirers. The latest milestone in his journey through hit songs is “Etwar”, a popular track from the movie “Faraar”.

The return of Golden Days

The bhangra fans still fondly remember those golden days when Jazzy B paired with Shinda and the duo offered some great tracks. The magic created by the Duo during their joint world tour still mesmerises the people. So, here is great news for the fans: The Duo is back again with a bang! This time around they are working on an album that will have some signature Jazzy B songs based on his old style that is so lovable even today! An Instagram photo that must have gone viral this week, showed Tom Lawry along with Sukhwinder Shinda. Tom Lawry is a very reputed name in the Bhangra industry especially when it comes to production. The hashtag on the Instagram read “#folknsunky2”.

Expect some vintage treatment

It is an ambitious album, as it will feature the “power-packed performance” of the Jazzy and Shinda after a certain hiatus. Another reason is that the as the album is going to highlight the “old jazzy style” it should have a vintage appeal. And obviously, when two big names of Bhangra meet after a long hiatus! Stay tuned, our BhangaraSpies are keeping us updated-to-the-minute and as soon as some good news is there we would make sure that you should be the first to get that!

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